research in sound

  • [2019] Kuroscillators: A Max MSP object for sound synthesis using coupled oscillators
    A paper summarizing a Max MSP and Faust implementation for real-time audio synthesis using coupled oscillators.
  • [2019] Sound in Multiples: Synchrony and Interaction Design using Coupled Oscillator Networks
    Algorithmic design using self-synchronizing oscillators as a generative device for audio and rhythmic synthesis.
  • [2018] An Adaptive Model of Pulse in Jazz Percussion: Rhythmic Generation in Quasi-periodic Musical Contexts using Sequence-to-Sequence Learning
    Using a sequence-to-sequence LSTM neural network to infer and generate pulse using raw audio of solo jazz drumset recordings. This end to end model converts recordings into MIDI representation using a pre-trained RNN to do automatic drum transcription. This data is fed into an sequence-to-sequence LSTM network to create a real-time generative rhythm device.
  • [2017] A Generative Model of Pulse Percept: Analyzing Performances of Jazz Drumming using Dynamic Beat Tracking and Recurrent Neural Networks
    By analyzing audio recordings of a particular jazz drummer, this LSTM RNN takes as input beats as inferred by a dynamic beat tracking algorithm to learn a representation of a particular drummer's performance style.
  • [2016] Phase Coherence as a Measure of Perceptual Synchrony in Large-Scale Coupled Oscillator Systems
    This experimental study looks at the way in which participants were able to determine the presence of an isochronous beat (rhythmic synchrony or congruence) using a coupled-oscillator model to generate competing auditory events. This mathematical model, Kuramoto oscillators, could be parameterized by varying the phase coherence and observing how well the participants were able to infer synchrony from a sequence of auditory stimuli.

    phase coherence as a measure of perceptual synchrony using kuramoto oscillators from Nolan Lem on Vimeo.

  • [2013] Functional Description of Custom Analog Modular Synthesizer
  • [2012] Data Sonification: Mutatis Mutandis, Synthesizing Sound with Glaciological and Atmostpheric Data
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