velcro, pulleys, cardboard, wood, metal, motors, electronics
dimensions: 4’x3’ & 3’x2’

This installation features two kinetic machines that rotate arrays of cylindrical pulleys, each containing two-inch belts of industrial velcro strips. Three motors control the motion that gets applied to the pulleys. Between the two machines, there exists about 192 sq. inches of velcro-on-velcro contact which requires a significant amount of motor torque.

At some threshold the sounds emanating from the machines seem to etch out a virtual space that is flat and two-dimensional; it spans a larger space than the constraints of the machines’ housings. As a result, each machine was positioned at approximately 60º contra laterally from one another to create an ideal listening angle from which to experience this uncanny wall of sound. I wanted to explore the psychoacoustic continuum between the delicate fiber-to-fiber extrications that occur at slower ripping speeds and the percept of noise as it arises in the dense layers of sonic rippage that accompany faster speeds.